Be Kind Black Sticker (Fundraiser)

Vinyl Waterproof Sticker, measures 3 inches on longest side. Perfect for water bottles, laptops, notebooks and anywhere else! 

Proceeds from this sticker will go to the Victims First Organization. Please Read below to find out more about them!

Who We Are: VictimsFirst is a network of surviving victims of mass casualty crime and trusted supporters who have first-hand experiences of the problems and re-victimization that accompany these acts when there is a lack of coordinated effort and/or understanding of what survivors need. In 2021, we officially applied to become a 501(c)(3) to better serve victims of mass casualty crimes. We work pro bono.

We are also a member of the Advancing Bereavement Care Coalition (ABCC), which represents millions of bereaved Americans and frontline practitioners across the nation. Collectively, these organizations have expertise supporting and advocating on behalf of bereaved individuals, including those who need bereavement leave due to pregnancy, stillbirth, child, sibling, spousal or parent loss.

What We Do

VictimsFirst works to educate communities and advocate for victims and survivors of mass casualty crime at the most horrific – and most vulnerable – times of their lives.

We hope our organization and the information on this website will help all others who are unfortunately and tragically faced with a mass casualty crime.

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